The story of Alpha Delta Pi is a remarkable one and it all began with a young girl’s dream. Eugenia Tucker was just sixteen years old when she left her family home to enter Wesleyan College. Before the end of her first year she would establish the first sorority in the world.

When Eugenia Tucker decided to form a society, her dearest and most admired friends were asked to join her. She listed them in her journal as: Ella Pierce, Octavia Andrew, Bettie Williams, Sophronia Woodruff, and Mary Evans. Together, these six women became the Adelphean Society’s founding members!


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The Epsilon Epsilon chapter was founded at Texas Tech University on February 26, 1966.

Some of Epsilon Epsilon’s recent accomplishments and achievements include:

  • Scholarship Improvement Award (2018)
  • Finance Improvement Award (2018)
  • Outstanding Member Retention (2018)
  • Average of 30 Community Service Hours per Member (2018)
  • Above Panhellenic Required GPA at a 3.14 Chapter Average (2018)
  • Homecoming Parade 2nd Place (2017)
  • Philanthropy Excellence Award (2016)
  • Recruitment & Marketing Improvement (2016)
  • District V Most Improved Alumnae Relations (2016)
  • Most Outstanding Senior Experience (2015, 2016)
  • SoSing Competition 3rd Place (2015)
  • Top 5 Homecoming Queen Candidates (2015)