Membership in Alpha Delta Pi is a lifetime experience. Alumnae of our chapter, known as Pi members, go on to pursue a diverse range of careers and post-graduate plans. Epsilon Epsilon loves our alumnae, and cherishes our bonds with these special sisters!

Alumnae of the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter are invited to attend the following:

The House Corporation Board would like to thank the following women for their generous monetary donations to the House Corporation in the 2016-2017 year!

  • Marsha Akers
  • Katherine Weller Barney
  • Lisa Prince Benjamin
  • Susan Meade Bennett
  • Linda Braus-Antcliff
  • Jan Hood Broome
  • Rise Lara Candelaria
  • Shelby Caskey
  • Elizabeth Disch
  • Bobbie Fealy
  • Earlene Garland
  • Anne Gepford
  • Karen Kleppe Graham
  • Lindy Lauderdale
  • Penelope Warner Luddecke
  • Diane Martin
  • Sidney Williamson McKamie
  • Laura Moreno
  • Laurie Foreman Peake
  • Elizabeth Moser Powell
  • Keri Smathers Pye
  • Karen White Rhoden
  • Susan Dunn Richardson
  • Karen Helmke Rogers
  • Jill Miller Roth
  • Colleen Sims
  • Lisa Ann Smith
  • Gail Shirey Thames
  • Melissa Williams Urban
  • Carolyn Miles Wallach
  • Kathy Nolen Wiesner
  • Kristen Thompson Williams
  • Stacy Ann Williams
  • Julie Robinson Wilson
  • Camille David Zihlman
  • Linda Knepley Zukauckas

A special thank you to the Houston and Lubbock Alumnae Associations for your generous gifts during recruitment last year!

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It’s not just four years, it’s for life!